Forest school in Riga , Latvia reconstruction and new buildings

Schools are a challenging building type, but creative expression of the designer is often severely limited by strict program requirements and financial limitations of a municipal client. Nonetheless, we hope the architects efforts in achieving a rich spatial and aesthetic experience through function-based form, strategic placement of colorful accents, and constant visual connection between the inside and outside of the school building complex succeeded in the project of the “Forest school”. The unusual setting of this project was proposed as its inspiration, conceptual point of departure and the outer-most layer of spatial enclosure. We believ the greatest winners are the students of this institution. The “Forest school” is seccondary school for 200 children including rehabilitation. Program requirements ask for clasrooms, dormitory accommodations of 90 students, canteen, gymnasium , meeting hall, activity rooms, rehabilitation gym, exercise room for massage and small indoor pool.There are three buildings for whole complex – teaching and dormitory building, gymnasium including small children classes and historical bulding for out of class work, library, rehabilitation. Author - Arhitektūras birojs Forma, SIA , Architekt: I.Karklina, Team:B.Lasmane,J.Zaharans, G.Kalninam, J.Krizanovskis, Z.Skruzkalnei, A.Smilskalne, M.Abele, M. Placina, I. Vindele, M. Blaua, L. Rinda., Client – Riga City Department of properties, Design/ Construction — 2002/2010