New building of Ventspils City hospital

The new Ventspils hospital building project reflects the desire of it’s designers to create emotionally positive atmosphere permeated with associations of domestic comfort and privacy. Welcoming character of the building facilitates mental well-being of patients expediting their recovery as a result. Proximity to the sea and surrounding pine forest, as well as the context of traditional detached single family homes inspired us to think of the proposed four storey building as a large glazed veranda. Facade composition pattern, large roof overhangs, use of natural wood finishes on the exterior as well as interior of the hospital reference local tradition of residential building type. Lower building volumes housing a small conference room and cafeteria located on the Vasarnicu Street side of the main building help perceptually negotiate its scale and visual impact on the surrounding neighborhood. Author - Arhitektūras birojs Forma, SIA, Architekt: I. Kārkliņa, B.Lasmane, Team: J. Krizanovskis, E. Frankevica, B. Viskere, V.Orlova, E. Melzoba, M. Abele, Maris Karklins (landscapeing). Client – Ventspils hospital, Design/construction – 2003/2007